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San Mateo Japanese American Community Center

From 2003, the Center has become an independent, non-profit, Japanese American Community Center addressing the needs of all ages in the local community. The Center was originally established as a JACL Community Center in 1980.

Language and cultural barriers.  Fragile health.  Limited means.  These are among the many challenges faced by Japanese American senior citizens, leading to the establishment of the San Mateo Japanese American Community Center in 2003.

Since then, the need has continued to increase.  But today, the SMJACC plays a crucial role in overcoming those challenges.  To promote independent living with dignity, the Community Center guides seniors, many of whom do not speak English, through the tangle of social services available to them.  Counseling and group meetings provide support for those who might otherwise be isolated.

Addressing needs beyond mere survival, the Community Center preserves the culture and values of Japanese Americans through arts, activities, and education.  Students of all ages use the Japanese and English-language libraries.  A valuable resource for the greater San Mateo community, the Community Center raises awareness, encouraging respect and understanding of cultural differences.

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